Company Profile

CeedPage is a Digital social media company. Our goal is to give people a voice and allow their opinions matter. We have a dynamic platform and allows users from around the world to interact with a ceed in a way that could shape up the future.

Financial Information

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CeedPage is fast becoming the rave of the moment as more and more people are joining the our community of app users. What users find most attractive about our app include the following:

CeedPage was launched on App Store and GooglePlay on October and November respectively and within a very short time we have been able to achieve the following milestones:

Call for Investors

Our goal is to connect everyone around globe on CeedPage and create a platform where people can actually have a sense of influence on shaping the world they live in, the product they buy, favorite sports team or brand. To achieve this aim in the near distant future, CeedPage welcomes all willing investors who share in our dream. Our team consist of motivated members who have very deep understanding and vast experience in the world of social media. You can entrust us with your investment as we are a very motivated bunch. For more information on investing in CeedPage contact